To truly feel confidence in yourself, I believe it is of vital importance to feel tuned in to your own inner compass. My coaching around self-doubt and self-confidence is grounded in steering you to your own wisdom, and strengthening that authentic voice within yourself. I am here to hold that space for you. To hand you tools to navigate your dilemmas around self-doubt. And to support you in the steps that you take towards more self-confidence.

This 5-session package will support you when you feel that…..

  • …You’re all too familiar with your inner voice of ‘you’re not good/smart/thin/fun/…’ – enough and would love to be able to respond to that in a self-supportive way.
  • … Your Inner Critic (that self-critical voice in your head) sometimes seems to run the show.
  • …You sometimes ‘lose yourself’ in the demands, asks, or needs of others, and long to stay close to yourself instead.
  • …You want to connect to your own inner confidence, and all its untapped potential that’s waiting for you to discover it.
  • …You want to be able to assert your boundaries and say ‘no’ more regularly.

After this 5-session, one-on-one programe you will:

  •  … Have a toolbox filled with simple, easy-to-use, in-the-moment tools to navigate your inner critic voice in a way that truly supports you, in all situations.
  • … No longer feel that your inner critic is in the driver’s seat of choices you make.
  • … Have accessed your own inner compass, that will accompany you as your inner (rather than external) mentor, available to you when you need it.
  • … Be able to say ‘no’ easier to all the things you don’t want – and ‘yes’ to what you truly do want.

What does the From Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence Package look like?

In this package of 5 sessions you will learn to navigate your voice of self-doubt, connect to your own well of self-confidence and wisdom, and come out feeling more confident in yourself.

Session 1 – Discovery & Core Values: what nourishes you most

In our first session together we discover what your goal is with respect to self-confidence. What self-doubt dilemmas are you currently facing in your work, relationships, creative life, or parenting? How would you like to respond to these instead?

We also explore what nourishes you, by unearthing your Core Values. These are the essential ingredients in your life that sustain you. And a little further along our ride, you’ll be able to anchor yourself in your values: in what matters most to you – rather than to your inner critic.

These steps of clarifying your goals for this programme and discovering your deepest values are important steps towards clearing away any fog on your path and stepping into clarity.

This session also serves as a gentle ‘cushion’ to step into the core of our work: your inner critic and its thoughts of self-doubt.

Session 2 & 3 – Inner Critic: Navigating your voice of self-doubt

The next two sessions give you the opportunity to gently dive into changing your relationship to your voice of self-doubt. You’ll learn how to recognise that inner critic voice when it shows up, in all the ways it shows up (including the quiet, not-so-easy-to-catch ways!). And you’ll learn what the function of your inner critic is, what it’s trying to do for you, and what are more helpful, loving, and effective ways of motivating and moving yourself forward instead. You’ll also learn how to respond to your Inner Critic in ways that ensure you’ll feel more freedom in your professional and personal life.

Session 4 – Wisest SelfYour own source of self-confidence

Now that you can navigate your Inner Critic, space frees up to connect with your Wisest Self, your well of self-confidence. This is the calm, wise, clear part of yourself that just knows what the right course of action is for you. That knows what you need. That knows exactly how to assert your boundaries. And that supports you to speak up more. You’ll meet her through a special visualisation exercise. And you’ll uncover ways of fostering a loving relationship with her, and growing more into her. 

Session 5: Conclusion & Integration

In our final session together we look back at how you’ve grown – and celebrate that! We also tune in to some recent questions that you’re facing in your life, and check in with any remaining needs you might have around the topics of self-doubt and self-confidence.

What’s the investment?

The package rate is € 575 (excl. VAT/BTW) if you’re an individual reaching out. Different rates apply if your employer wishes to cover this package for you – please inquire by contacting me.

After you’ve booked your package, I’ll send you your invoice in a separate e-mail. Please transfer – or arrange for your employer to transfer – your fee before our first session. If it works better for you, I’m also open to draw up a payment plan that works well for your specific situation, or to discuss phased invoicing with you.

Yes, let’s do this together!

You can book your From Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence Package here, or drop me an email at coaching [at] annemarievangeel [dot] nl and I’ll get in touch with you to arrange your package.

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