I’m just not sure! – Frequently Asked Questions

What change will I experience through One-on-One Coaching and Leadership Development Sessions? What will I learn?

Through One-on-One Coaching and Leadership development sessions, we’ll cover a broad range of topics that fit with whatever personal development goals you’re wanting to dive into together.

Themes that often come up among women are assertiveness, dealing with feedback, connecting to our own longings, work-life balance, fear, overwhelm, self-care, and loss of motivation.

As a result of our work together you will feel more aligned with your authentic self, and feel more fulfilled, in tune with yourself, and at ease in your life.

What change will I experience through the From Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence package? What will I learn?

Through the From Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence package you will learn ways of navigating your inner critic voice of self-doubt – and conversely, how you can easily access your own deep inner wisdom voice of self-confidence at all times. You will also feel more clarity on your deepest values and how they might support you in moving into a greater sense of self-confidence in the most practical, day-to-day way.

At the end of our ‘package-journey’ together, you’ll be able to anchor yourself in your values: in what matters most to you – rather than to your inner critic. You will be able to recognise and quiet your voice of self-doubt. And you’ll be able to easily connect with your voice of self-confidence. As a result, you’ll feel more assertiveness, belief, and confidence in yourself – and act accordingly. Not only in relation to your current dilemma’s, but also in future situations.

How will we work together?

We will meet in person, talk over the phone, or through Zoom every two to three weeks. Leaving some time between sessions allows you to integrate what we’ve covered, and implement any actions you want to take.

Each session is completely led by what you need and what you want to work on. I’ll introduce you to tools that will help you navigate the dilemmas you’re facing. These tools will continue to support you in other situations, long after we’ve wrapped up our time together.

We’ll always end our sessions with a set of actions so you know exactly what your next steps should be. Zoom sessions can be recorded if you feel that will be helpful.

Can you guarantee I’ll be a happier person if I work with you?

No one can guarantee anything – especially not another person’s happiness – and each person’s journey is different. However I can say with certainty that you’ll feel increased clarity, ease, alignment and fulfillment in your life, and that you’ll have a proven toolbox and self-support system in place to navigate future dilemmas that you’ll find on your way. 

I feel exhausted and overwhelmed, and I’m trying to do less in my life. Will coaching not just ‘pile on more’ on my to-do list?

I take an inside-out approach to coaching, leadership and personal development. This means that making the changes you long for in your life isn’t about striving harder or doing more. It is about honestly discovering and accepting your true aspirations and callings in your life, and in going for them in a way that works for you – rather than in a way that you have to work harder and do more! Because our coaching sessions will lead to you feel more in tune with your authentic self, and more tapped into what nourishes you, they generally create less stress and striving and more space, ease, and joy in your life.

What languages do you coach in?

I coach in English and Dutch. Dutch is my mother tongue, so I’m happy to coach you in that language.

I also speak near-native British English. I spent almost 3 years of my life living in England and did all of my higher ed, from my last year of secondary school through to my PhD, in English language environments (including my coaching training). I’ve lived & loved ‘in English’, and most of my professional life takes place in English.

Where did you get your coaching training?

I have completed the Playing Big Facilitators Training with Tara Mohr (USA, 2020-2021).

In the Netherlands I completed coaching training with a certificate in Praktische Coachingsvaardigheden (Practical Coaching Skills) at ICM Opleidingen & Trainingen (NL, 2021).

In addition, I completed courses in Non-Violent Communication (2017) and Mindful Self-Compassion (2019). I regularly attend meditation retreats. I bring these techniques to my coaching when helpful – no candles and incense though ;-)!

My PhD was ethnographic research on the position of women in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, where I interviewed and participated in the lives of many women. In my work as an anthropologist and arabist, I still focus on women, women’s rights, and gender equality.You can read more about that here if you like!

What’s the investment for the From Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence 5-session package?

The package rate is € 575 (excl. VAT/BTW) if you’re an individual reaching out. Different rates apply if your employer wishes to cover this package for you – please inquire by contacting me.

After you’ve booked your package, I’ll send you your invoice in a separate e-mail. Please transfer – or arrange for your employer to transfer – your fee before our first session. If it works better for you, I’m also open to draw up a payment plan that works well for your specific situation, or to discuss phased invoicing with you.

What’s the investment for One-on-One Coaching & Leadership Development sessions?

My current rate is € 125 (excl. VAT/BTW) per hour of coaching if you’re an individual reaching out. Different rates apply if your employer wishes to cover your coaching trajectory for you – please inquire by contacting me. I’m happy to send monthly invoices or, if it works better for you, draw up a payment plan that works well for your specific situation.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, to widen accessibility to coaching & leadership development, I offer a flexible payment plan. Do contact me for more details.

What currency do you charge in?

I’m currently happy to take Euros.

Got more questions?

No problem! Feel free to contact me.