Recognising and aligning yourself with what you truly long and dream to do is really, really important. It is important to your own wellbeing and happiness, as well as to that of the collective.

Coaching is a close collaboration to realise those goals.

I believe each person is naturally whole, resourceful and creative.

I stimulate you to look at yourself and your situation with understanding and curiosity, and I walk with you on your journey with respect, empathy and encouragement.

From there, clarity grows as to how you wish to achieve your goals and desired transformations.


I take an inside-out approach to coaching, leadership and personal development. This means that making the changes you long for in your life isn’t about striving harder or doing more. It is about honestly discovering and accepting your true aspirations and callings in your life, and in going for them in a way that works for you – rather than in a way that has you working harder and doing more!

My coaching is based on the Playing Big Facilitators Training that I took with Tara Mohr (USA), and the Practical Coaching Skills training that I completed at at ICM Opleidingen & Trainingen (NL).

In addition, I draw from what I learned in Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and Mindful Self-Compassion courses. Non-Violent Communication is a method that helps you tune in to your needs and feelings, and communicate those in a way that feels connected to yourself and others. Mindful Self-Compassion techniques can be a gentle way of moving through obstacles you find on your path. I regularly attend meditation retreats. I bring these techniques to my coaching when helpful – no candles and incense though ;-)!

My coaching evolved from my life as an anthropologist, that allowed me to walk beside women on their life path. My PhD was ethnographic research on the position of women in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, where I interviewed and participated in the lives of many women. You can read more about that here if you like! In my work as an anthropologist and arabist, I still focus on women, women’s rights, and gender equality.

Working together

I don’t believe in forcing you to sign up for a minimum number of coaching sessions. So: you’re free to either schedule a session with me as your need arises, or, if that works better for you, schedule regular sessions.

Coaching shouldn’t be another thing on your to-do list, another obligation in your week. Rather, it should feel like a free space for you to explore your life and take the leaps you want, when you want. I’m here to support you in that journey and in designing the leaps you want to take, and walk alongside you as you weave these into your daily life.

We can work together through One-on-One Coaching & Leadership Development sessions, through the ‘From Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence’ package, or through customised In-Company Workshops.