I have come to believe we all have a story to share. Women especially. I feel a deep passion around strengthening women’s voices in the world. Through that, I hold a profound wish for a more sane, inclusive and compassionate world.

I’ve worked on that mission as an anthropologist working on women’s rights in the Middle East. As an author writing a book about women’s voices in Saudi Arabia. As a trainer and advisor bringing a gender perspective to organisations in the Netherlands. And now as a coach in women’s leadership and personal development.

Witnessing women’s personal transformations & discoveries

Woven through my work around women’s voices & rights, I found witnessing women’s personal transformations and discoveries – from tender seedling through to embodied reality – most fulfilling.

As a coach, it feels like a privilege to hold a loving container to support that journey: each time I’m blown away by how essential this container of support can be for women.


I’ve lived in 8 countries and speak 4 languages. After spending many years in England and in the Middle East, I moved back home to Utrecht, the Netherlands. I now feel strongly rooted in this beautiful city and love having my friends and family nearby – but I cherish (and miss!) my friends across the world. I’m married, and my husband and I welcomed our baby girl into our family in January 2023.

Things that I love are long walks along the beach with the wind in my hair, meaningful conversations with friends, silky cappuccinos, pilates, barre workout, my bike, meditation, morning pages, and butterflies & the transformation they symbolise.

My greatest love

One of the most important wells that nourish me is my creativity. Ever since I was a child, I love to create. First through music, later through cooking, but above all through words. Writing is one of my greatest loves, as I feel words and stories have such power to open us up and connect us. Dive into the stories I share on this website (English only). And if you’re interested in stories from Saudi women about their lives, check out my book ‘Hakken in het Zand: Saoedische vrouwen over hun levens (Dutch only).

My approach to coaching & working with me

Please check out the My Approach to Coaching page if you’d like to know more about my approach to coaching and about what working with me looks like.

We can work together through One-on-One Coaching & Leadership Development sessions, through the ‘From Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence’ package, or through customised In-Company Workshops.