A Quick Self-Care Tune Up

Some parts of the world are gradually moving out of lockdown and into a new, post-covid normality. Other parts of the world are battling new variants of the virus.

Wherever you find yourself on the globe, it may be helpful to check in with yourself and with what you need right now.

As you find yourself in your new reality, what you need today might be different from a season, a month, a week, or even a day ago.

So slow down.

Close your eyes.

And take a deep breath.

In… and out….

Then ask yourself:

  • What self-care routines or practices were working well at the beginning of the pandemic, but aren’t working so well anymore?
  • In my new day-to-day, what needs revision? Reinvention?
  • Are there any habits, hobbies or routines have gradually fallen through the cracks that I’d like to pick up again?
  • What do I need to care for myself right now? Rest? A chat with a friend who makes me laugh? Stillness? More movement? Light on my skin? Healthy food?

It’s important to name here that privilege of all kind makes it easier to self-care. In fact, I’d say that one of the very definitions of privilege is having the resources, time and freedom to take care of ourselves.

So if you can indeed take out time and space to look after you, please do. And remember that by caring for you, you’re caring for others too.